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Homeschooling: Act 11

I cannot believe we have been homeschooling for a decade already. We are about to embark on our eleventh homeschool year.

My favorite websites…

Legal Crap, Red tape, and other inanities:


  • Need to check your kid’s algebraic factoring? Check out some of the amazing calculators available online.
  • For video lessons and self-checking practice questions, check out Khan Academy – AND it’s FREE!
  • Logic puzzles are wonderful for stretching the mind. My current fave site is

English (including the dreaded analogies, reading comprehension passages, etc.):

This school year we are going to try the following:

What are your favorite websites?

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A time for everything…

The clock and I are mortal enemies.  My archenemy, the alarm clock, has many tricks up its sleeve.  Not ringing loudly enough, have a far-too accessible snooze button, blinking “12:00″ like a madman every time the power stays off longer than the battery can stand the suspense. That darn clock tries to trip me up every morning.

There is a clock in just about every room of the house. The kitchen has FIVE clocks (counting appliance clocks).  None of them have the same time on them.  No matter how I try to synchronize the clocks in my home, they never agree.  And, I don’t mean they are a minute or so off – more like five or ten minutes.  My clocks are like a bunch of in-laws at a family reunion.  Not only do they never agree with each other, but I don’t even get a say. (After all, I’m not real family – just married into the mess.)

I have given up setting the time on most of the appliances and other electronics in the house.  I live by my wristwatch (which of course I set five or more minutes fast just in case).  Even the kids have given up hope in the clocks around here. They just come looking for me and ask conspiratorially “Mom, what time is it REALLY?” I glance at my watch, subtract five or so minutes and declare that it is maybe, almost, around quarter till four.

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Can I really have it all and why would I want to?

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