Supermoms Anonymous

Can I really have it all and why would I want to?

7 Step Plan for recovering Supermoms

Step 1: Throw out all Martha Stewart books.

Step 2: Mark fuzzy sock days on calendar with a SHARPIE!

Step 3: Blacklist should, could, and would from my family!

Step 4: Remind myself daily that success looks different in every mirror on the planet.

Step 5: Chill out!!

Step 6: Do I really need another step on my to do list?!?

Step 7: See Step 6!

p.s. Fuzzy Sock Day def: I don’t have to go anywhere, make phone calls about mundane business matters (schedule the minivan for new tires and brakes), or answer silly form letters (like IRS tax audit forms and FSA receipt requests).  I put on my fuzzy elmo red socks, eat something frivolous (cocoa krispies for lunch time), and devour a book before cooking dinner.


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